2015-2018 Custom s550 Mustang Spoiler

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  • Spoiler fits 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 Mustangs. 
  • 4 options: Unpainted, Painted (Satin or Gloss Black), with Center Extension and/or with Support Rods. 
  • All spoilers have FREE SHIPPING! (Excluding Hawaii)
  • All spoilers come with necessary mounting hardware and weather stripping.
  • All spoilers mount to factory mounting location.
  • Bolt on construction and basic hand tools required (4mm allen + 10mm socket).
  • Base spoiler, with no options, is raw 1/8" 50/52 aluminum sanded and prepped for paint and powder.
  • Add-on Long Arch Rods are for center mounting and bolt to trunk lid (Drilling required for rod footing anchor on trunk lid).
  • Add-on Center Extension is attached to the base spoiler via 4 anchor points and is adjusted to sit in extended or retracted position. Extended position adds additional height to your spoiler. (Quick adjustments done with Allen key)
  • All spoilers are hand fabricated and made to order based on customer specs. (Ship date is 1-3 weeks depending on customer specs)
  • UPS Ground Shipping 
  • *Not required, but installation is easiest if access holes on inside of trunk lid are enlarged with drill allowing you finger access to fit the anchor nuts on underside of spoiler.