About 101Blur


Sam Davis has a sign and metal working shop in San Rafael CA and has always been a car nut. He can't have a Mustang unless it has at least over 400 hp and is always proving ways to boost his car's performance. In between blowers or bigger trans installs he also started creating parts for aerodynamics that would help him on the track. A regular at every muscle car event and religious visits to the track he developed a huge following on Instagram of other Mustang fanatics that shared his passion. For his current 2013 5.0 he created a handful of spoilers, splitters, rear diffusers and many other parts. As his documenting went on and his onlookers from IG saw the work and care he put into the parts and mods he created people started pleading for these parts to be their own. 101 Blur Aero was born. Its been a struggle balancing a current business and his own gear head lifestyle, but 101 Blur has decided to focus on 101 Blur Aero full time now and will be making the parts you want even better.