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Highest downforce and performance oriented Mustang spoilers available. Handmade in the USA by a racing enthusiast.

Hundreds of spoilers custom made to date.

All models '05 - 2018

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101 Blur Manufacturing

  • Built for Track Use

    Not just for cosmetics, 101 Blur Aero Parts are designed to provide the most downforce and aerodynamics available for the track.

  • USA Sourced Hardware

    Every component has been sourced from quality manufacturers that will hold up against time and extreme track conditions.

  • 100% Fulfillment

    Expanding to meet our growing following, all orders will now be accepted and fulfilled in a timely manner.

2015-2017 s550 Mustang Spoilers


$365.00 Base Spoiler

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2010-2014 Mustang Spoilers


$365.00 Base Spoiler

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2005-2009 Mustang Spoilers


$299.00 Base Spoiler

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2005-2009 sn-197 Mustang Spoiler (Gen 1)

2005-2009 sn-197 Mustang Spoiler (Gen 1)

From Sale price $310.00 Regular price $349.95

2010-2014 Custom Mustang Spoilers

2010-2014 Custom Mustang Spoilers

From Sale price $365.00 Regular price $449.95

2015-2018 Custom s550 Mustang Spoiler

2015-2018 Custom s550 Mustang Spoiler

From Sale price $365.00 Regular price $449.95

Product Questions/Descriptions (FAQ)

Spoiler Materials/Construction

All spoilers are constructed from 1/8 inch 50/52 aluminum.

All spoilers come with necessary mounting hardware for secure and weather-proof assembly to your vehicle. 

Base Spoiler is raw aluminum, sanded and prepped (ready for paint and powder).

Choose your spoiler option at checkout. 

Base Spoiler Option

Base Spoiler - No Paint or additional rods or extensions. Comes as raw aluminum sanded and prepped. The raw metal gives your Mustang an edge, but you can also choose to powder coat down the line.

('05-'09 base spoiler comes with two rods for outer end stability. Pre-assembled)

All Spoilers mount to existing factory spoiler anchor points. *See below for GT California Special and Boss Mustangs

Needs for Installation are a 4mm allen key and a 10 mm socket to bolt the spoiler to your trunk lid. The spoiler comes with weather stripping matted to spoiler to keep trunk dry and protect paint.

*2015-2017 - Not required but installation is easiest if access holes on inside of trunk are enlarged with file, drill or dremel allowing your finger access to fit the nuts on the underside of spoiler in the trunk compartment.

*GT California Special and Boss Mustangs with the pedestal spoiler have an extra drill hole that extends further toward the interior of the car. This hole will not be covered by spoiler but plugs can be provided.

Powder Coating Options

For $65 choose a Gloss Black or Satin Black

See differences in pictures section of your year spoiler.

Rod Options

$65 - Add two Long Arch Racing fully adjustable support rods to your spoiler setup.

Rods come in anodized black.

These help to support the mid section of your spoiler and are especially recommended if you order the Center Extension.

Rods require drilling two holes in your trunk lid for the foot anchor point of the rods. (Simple procedure and instructions provided)

Center Extension Option

$100 - Want more Nascar? Additional section fixed to the middle of base spoiler that is attached via 4 anchor points and can sit in an extended or retracted positions.

Extension provides additional height to center of spoiler and much greater downforce.

Center extension will match the painting option you choose with your spoiler at no additional cost. 

Quick adjustments to Center Extension done with 4mm allen key.

Fullfilment and Delivery

As we ramp up fabrication will take 1-3 weeks depending on spoiler specs requested. Each customer will have direct communication with the fabricator and be kept up to date on exactly where in the process their Mustang parts are.


All shipping is done via UPS Ground.

Shipping time entirely depends on your location.

We are located in California in the San Francisco Bay Area.